We Have Made It Our Mission To Provide Our Customers With Innovative Plant Based Alternatives 

Plant Projects is proudly New Zealand owned and operated.

We are a small team, passionate about our mission

We haven't been around long, founded in 2019. Our mission has been to push the envelope on the plant- based agenda within New Zealand. We have been lucky enough to get the help along the way with consumers starting to do this on their own as environmental awareness has grown.

We have some excellent brand friends, that are innovative, eco-friendly, contain high quality ingredients and intend to alter the course of human food consumption, just like us.

We also decided to make some coffee a long the way. We hope you like our coffee.


We now call ourselves a Plant Milk Coffee Company


We think it's a world first, but we're not going to claim it. As we certainly weren't the first doing either. 

For a more intelligent sounding soundbite and a nice summary. We are working towards altering altering the consumption of food groups which have reached a tipping point on creating a negative environmental impact.

We understand this will not happen overnight, but for now we believe we’ve got a solution through our products, grown naturally from the earth.

Thank you for reading!